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About the Buddhist Recovery Network


London (Kennington): REFUGE RECOVERY GROUP

This group will meet for the first time on Sunday 23 April 2017 at 7.00pm and weekly thereafter at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre.

London (Tower Hamlets): Breathing  Space

Mindfulness Based Relapse  Prevention (MBRP) courses, free places for people living on a low income in Tower Hamlets.

Newbury: Newbury 'Sit-and-Share' Meetings

Meeting starts promptly at 08:00 on Wednesdays, therefore please arrive at any time from 19:45. ), therefore please arrive any time from 7.45pm. Venue map may be  found here.

Belfast: Black  Mountain group

Mindfulness for Recovery - Sunday Evenings

If you are interested  in setting up a meeting in your area, please visit the international  BRN website for ideas by clicking here

International meetings may be found here in Australia, Canada, Thailand & the USA.

If you wish to post your contact details here to connect with others who may be interested  in setting up a meeting in your area in the UK, please email  the network coordinator.


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